Chastity Slave Training for Newbies

Giving up control of your penis and balls to become a chastity slave may seem like a daunting task but with training it doesn’t have to be. Most wannabe chastity slaves find they can’t commit to packing their dicks into a cage, locking it up and losing control but a dominant mistress can fix that with ease.

Chastity Slave Training: Lock Up Time!

A chastity caption picture of a dominant mistress.

image via freakden

When mistress takes control you’ll find that it’s so much easier to feel that sexy cage slip over your dick because you’ll want to give in. You can’t resist dominant sexy mistresses like us and our demands. You’ll simply find yourself with your cock locked and your willingness to please your mistress increasing everyday.

Now it’s time to move you past the wannabe stage and turn you into a full blown chastity slave, simply find your mistress and begin.

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  1. Frank

    Please help me to become your chastity slave..i always wanted this but are afraid i loose my personality

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